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Successful Book Signing Events

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Successful Book Signings!

Congratulations on successful book signing #23 for Breakthrough Poems, Karen Martin! Thank you for publishing with The Ministry Of Writing Helps!


Book Signings


The Ministry Of Writing Helps will help you customize a promotional strategy based upon your unique value proposition. Here are just a few tips to make your book signing events profitable and more than worthwhile.

  1. Be Well-Prepared. After you’ve made the decision to host a book signing event, the first step is to choose a venue. Local bookstores, churches, or libraries are obvious choices. But think outside the box to find uncommon venues. If your book is about finance, consider asking a local bank or mortgage company if you can host your event there. Places of worship, recreation centers, and college campuses are all very good options. No place is off limits. The world is your oyster! Based on the topic of your book, determine a place where readers interested in your book would go. After you’ve decided on a venue to approach, pack your best marketing material along with a few books into a briefcase, walk into a potential venue, and ask to speak with the owner or manager.  Feel free to contact The Ministry Of Writing Helps for details on how to get past the gatekeepers whether you pitch the proposal in person or by cold calling the venue. We will help you succeed.
  2. Market, Promote, and Market Again! Once you have your product table POS (Point of Sale) and your next venue in mind, approach the decision-maker (Head Honcho) at the venue and discuss your desire to have a book signing. If they agree to host your event then you are ready to promote the event. The venue will benefit by bringing new people into their business as well. Therefore, work with them to design flyers targeting their customers. Distribute a press release to local newspapers and/or radio stations to offer an interview. Mail hand written postcards with a personal greeting. Use social media to post about your upcoming event several times per week.
  3. Believe You Will Succeed. Remember, this is your lemonade stand. You have arrived as a brand – sort of. Here are some valuable tips to help this profitable day go smoothly:
  • Bring someone trustworthy along to be in charge of the actual book sales so you can focus on greeting people and signing books.


  • Make sure you offer everyone an opportunity to sign up and join your mailing list. Insist! Stress the fact that you want to keep in touch.


  • Display signage on the product table clearly outlining the payment methods you accept and those you do not accept.


  • Don’t forget to bring lots of change and lots of candy!


  • Bring more than enough books. How much money do you intend to make today? Set a goal for the amount of gross revenue for each event. Aim high!


  • Give readers a bookmark, business card or postcard to remember you and your book.


  • Smile and let people know how happy you are to see them.
  • Thank Everyone. After your event is over, breathe a sigh of relief. Then offer to donate a signed copy of your book to the venue and sign additional copies they may have already purchased. Go home and write personal emails or texts to everyone who helped you along the way. From friends who sold books and reporters who interviewed you to the host or hostess at the venue. Remember, you will be writing more books and asking for their help yet again. All who assisted you before and during your event must receive a personal thank you note if not an appropriate gift. You want to leave a good taste in their mouths (hence, the candy) and, hopefully, receive an unsolicited invitation when your next book is published.

Following these steps can go a long way towards your success as an author!

Apostle Joy Vassal’s Product Table

Joy Vassal Product Table

We are proud to be associated with Apostle Joy Vassal. The Lord has raised her up to be a prolific author and playwright for His glory. She is living proof that The Ministry Of Writing Helps! — with Apostle Joy Vassel – Author, Playwright & Preacher in Ontario.

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