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The Ministry Of Writing Helps is now offering Chapter by Chapter Ghostwriting for as little as $275.00 per chapter!

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If you are too busy to publish that book birthed in your spirit, then do what entrepreneurial preachers like T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen do. Hire a ghostwriter!
 Some are surprised to learn that the author of a book is not always the person who has written the book. Professional writing is a valuable skill. Many major politicians, business people, religious leaders, and others don’t have enough time to write a book. Nor do most people possess the skill necessary to do so. Busy visionaries can provide the concept and the message. Then they hire professional ghostwriters to produce the manuscript. This is ghostwriting.

In most cases the hired ghostwriter isn’t mentioned. Thus, the term “ghostwriter.” However, one will often see the author’s name in large type, and the writer’s name in smaller type with the words, “with Jane McKnight,” or “as told to Jane McKnight” In this case, Jane was the writer.

Ghostwriters can be expensive. Charges typically range from a low of $15,000 per ghostwritten book to $150,000 or more. DON’T PANIC! Read on…


We have developed a unique, reasonably-priced ghostwriting alternative based on author interviews (usually by telephone). On average, our prayerful and unique chapter by chapter ghostwriting method costs less than $1,700.00 per complete book!


For Christian books, this includes thorough Scripture reference research. Research is also included for other niche topics, biographies, and memoirs.


Books are today’s “continental business cards.” We assist people in becoming published authors to position them for enlarged territories. An author is considered an authority. We often describe specialists by saying, “That individual wrote the book on it.”


People do business with people they know and trust. However, most ministries interact minimally with those outside of their local following. When ministers and speakers hand an autographed copy of their book to a colleague or potential partner, they can get to know the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher on a deeper level. Some ministries send inexpensive autographed copies of the leader’s book to build relationships and promote ministry opportunities.


Whether you are a faithful servant, an employee, or an acknowledged visionary, to becoming a published author will re-position you in the eyes of your supporters and naysayers alike.


Becoming a published author will set you apart from your competition. Your testimony is God’s success story. Let our ghostwriting service birth your vision and earn income for you now.


If you are too busy to publish that book birthed in your spirit, then you need to call us today! Only $275 per chapter. 

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