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Ghostwriting Ethics

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What is Ghostwriting?

The Ministry Of Writing Helps provides a confidential ghostwriting service for clients across the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

Developing rough notes into page-turning prose is our gift. Taking someone else’s vision, thoughts, idea, or dream and developing it into an enjoyable and informative manuscript for the glory of God is what we do.

We write unseen on your behalf to provide quality supplementary writing with complete confidentiality. By interviewing a client, grasping their concept, expressing their message, and creating a publishable book for them to take their next leap as an author, The Ministry Of Writing Helps works to help busy apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Ghostwriters have traditionally been associated with wealthy celebrity memoirs and millionaire CEO business books. Yet, ghostwriting is the ideal solution for anyone without the time or expertise to formulate and construct a 150 page best-seller.

Presidents and senators rarely write their own speeches. They hire professional ghostwriters. Essentially, ghostwriting involves anonymously writing books, screenplays and articles for authors and non-authors. Some amateur writers prefer to have a published and experienced writer refine a book’s tone and style. Perhaps you have a story to tell but you can’t find the right words because you are not a professional writer. Maybe you want to polish your message to engage and edify readers. We can ghostwrite your book and publish it. The ethics are absolutely sound.

Whatever you need, we can help at The Ministry Of Writing Helps.

Call 515-216-0767 today!

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