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Grammar Insurance


Just pennies per word!

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3 levels of proofreading after editing = 4 different professional editorial experts collaborate on every word of your text!

Copy-Substantive Editing + 4 Proofreaders = The Most Comprehensive Editorial Service Available Anywhere. Period.

Publishing or printing without professional proofreading and editing is like jumping from an airplane cruising above 39,000 feet without using a parachute. (Splat, 1960)


That’s why Poindexter says, “Get your Grammar Insurance policy today and publish with peace of mind!”








When speaking your mind with the goal of being regarded as a capable and highly intelligent expert in your field, it really does matter how you say it in writing. (Dr. K.V. Chacko)

Both your reputation and the integrity of your message are at stake.

Get covered today. Don’t delay.

Grammar Insurance is a necessity! Avoid embarrassment and poor reviews.

Do not waste publishing dollars on imperfect wording, grammar, and spelling. Be a good steward!

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