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How Some Well Known Publishing Companies Rob Authors

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Getting Your Money’s Worth From Publishers by Brian Hunter

The most recognizable names in self-publishing are AuthorHouse, Xlibris, Xulon, iUniverse, Lulu, PublishAmerica, Trafford, and Tate. These major players in publishing absolutely will not assist authors paying for publishing packages under $3500 in marketing or promotion of a book. After paying them thousands and ending up with case upon case of beautifully printed and packaged books in your possession, you would be a little frustrated by the fact that your great book has neither paid for itself. The big names in publishing will charge a premium for any type of marketing upgrade. However, they will still accomplish very little to help self-publishers improve ROI.

The Ministry Of Writing Helps will aggressively market, proactively promote, and help authors earn more tangible income from their publishing investment within months. Traditional publishers are in business to earn profits for their stakeholders and not for authors.

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